Reminding you of our Call to Action on software interfering with power management Climate Savers Computing Initiative | Climate Savers Computing Initiative


Reminding you of our Call to Action on software interfering with power management

Keep it coming: examples of sofware interference with power management

We’re repeating this Call, because the specific examples you’re providing add realism to the conversations we have with software developers. Are there software applications you just know are interfering with power management on your computer(s)?  Do you have friends who have complained about this kind of problem? Tell us about these issues by sending a description that includes:
  1. Name of application
  2. Developer of application
  3. Version/Release of application
  4. Your Operating System and version (e.g., Windows7, OS x 10.5)
  5. A description of what happens — or doesn’t — when you try to use power management

If you don’t know what’s interfering, give us #4 and #5 with as much as you’d feel comfortable telling about the applications you generally use.

Pass this request along to your friends, or just point them to this link to our blog entry on the topic. Send your info to (change the “_at_” to “@”) and CSCI’s Power Management Workgroup will include your information in our discussions internally and with sofware developers.  Help us to help applications and power mangement to get along!

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