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Software & Power Management: CSCI engaging software folk

Earlier this week, Intel’s Abhishek Agrawal and I — on behalf of CSCI — attended the IEEE International Green Computing Conference (IGCC) in Orlando, Florida.  This was the second year for IGCC, a largely academic conference covering a range of topics relating to making ICT a more responsible participant in the environment.  My thanks and compliments to the organizers for putting on a good program with very high quality work being discussed.

The reason CSCI attended IGCC was simple.  We knew that software researchers, designers, and developers would be there and we want to talk with folks like that about making software that cooperates with power management.  I’ve written other blog entries along the lines of “software & power management: can’t we all just get along?”  At IGCC we made that plea into a real engagement, spending two hours with engineers from a variety of settings to share with them what we know to be both good and bad design patterns/practices for software design and power management and to hear from them what CSCI, our member companies, or someone needs to provide to make their job of making energy efficient software easier.

The session was extremely productive.  The attendees knew of some of the issues we’d raised regarding good design practices; some they didn’t.  They knew of some of the tools we described; some they didn’t.  Further, they had ideas for tools that could make it a more straightforward job to do the right thing in settings ranging from desktop PCs through servers in data centers all the way to custom-built supercomputers. It was a collaborative session that established a foundation for helping to ensure power management and software applications can always work together.  Further, CSCI’s Power Management Workgroup will be taking all of the ideas, inputs, and requests and finding ways to act on them, to make the power management-friendly application an even easier thing to achieve.

CSCI will be doing a series of these roundtables.  The next one will be in San Francisco, right next door to the Intel Developer Forum in mid-September.  I’ll have more to say about that event in an upcoming post, but if you’re curious please leave a comment below, send me an e-mail or DM me on Twitter @gogoodman.




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