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CSCI’s Newsletter for July 2011

Mickey meets GreenIT


I’m freshly back from the IEEE International Green Computing Conference (IGCC), held this year in Orlando, Florida.  CSCI was lucky to be participating in a conference with such high-quality papers being presented.  At IGCC, CSCI hosted an invitation-only roundtable session with software researchers, designers, and developers to address the topic, “Software and Power Management: can’t we all just get along?”  CSCI’s Power Management Workgroup provided some solid material laying out good design patterns, best & worst practices, and raising questions on which we are looking to get input from the software design and development world.  We want it to be easier to create software that cooperates with power management than to create it to interfere.  The attendees were engaged, gladly took on the information and material we provided, and went forth having accepted the call to action: spread the word of how to make software the right way!
We’ll be doing another roundtable session in the same format with software developers in San Francisco for the Intel Developers Forum, on September 14.
By the way, thanks to those of you who have provided your own software-interfering-with-power-management examples.  Having those is quite handy when engaging software developers; it adds a sense of reality to the problem.  If you have more examples, send them to me (!
As always, if you’ve suggestions or would like to provide material for a future Newsletter, please contact me!

George O. Goodman
Executive Director, CSCI

Upcoming Events
Samsung-Dell CIO Forum
Aug 18
Half Moon Bay, CA
Intel Developers Forum (IDF)
Sep 13-15
Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA
Note: The CSCI Roundtable is on Sep 14

Workgroup Updates
AC-DC Workgroup: Planning specific actions around 80+ program’s new specs.

Marketing Workgroup: Logistical work continues for the Software & Power Management roundtable session upcoming in September.  In addition, we’ll be doing a CFO (“bill-payer”) oriented roundtable at the CFO Rising West conference in October, so planning and materials update for that session have begun.

Networking Workgroup: The three subteams are moving toward completion and publishing of their outputs, with the power-supply unit (PSU) team in CSCI-level review of their paper, the Energy-Efficiency Guide group working to provide clear examples for those who will use the guide, and the Networking Power Management folks very near locking down a final draft for CSCI-level review.

Power Management Workgroup: We’re looking at the results from the first roundtable (at IGCC) to consider any appropriate updates to our material for the upcoming September roundtable.

Board of Directors: The Board has agreed on goal areas and actions for the coming 18 months and will work on resourcing the efforts with CSCI members in the coming weeks.


Software Applications and Power Management: your examples are great!



In past months, we talked about the sometimes contentious relationship between the software applications that make your computer useful and the power management features that can make it friendlier to your energy wallet and the environment.  We asked you to send in your examples and you did it.

The “offenders” span a range of software categories and types, including:

  • Commercial software and open source community-supported software
  • Applications and device drivers
  • Applications running on Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux distributions

CSCI won’t be keeping these examples to ourselves.  They’ll be part of what we discuss as we engage software developers and software development organizations in the coming months.


Thanks for what you’ve sent in…and keep the examples coming!

CSCI provides IT energy-efficiency checklist to NRDC’s “Green Sports Alliance” effort
The Call to Action is taking a vacation this month, but in its place is a kind of interesting effort CSCI has taken on along with our Supporter participants from the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC).  A few months back, the NRDC announced their Green Sports Alliance (GSA), along with league and team-level organizations from a variety of sports in the US.  The intent of the GSA’s work is to reduce the environmental footprint of sporting leagues by providing clear guidance to the sports on ways to reduce their energy, water, carbon, etc. footprint.

CSCI members worked together over the past couple of months to create a “Green IT checklist” to make it easy to evaluate the state of IT and plot an actionable path to improvement, reducing the energy and carbon impact of ICT use by teams and leagues.  We then got review and input from some “real IT” folks in member companies to tune up the checklist before handing it over to NRDC.  If you’re interested in seeing what we put into the checklist, let us know.

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