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Climate Savers Computing, the CFO and CFO Rising West

For the past several years the topic of green IT and sustainability has generally been driven by environmentalists and corporate IT and technical teams. These are the folks and organizations that were among the first to recognize the financial and environmental benefits associated with greener IT.

Many of these “techies” and organizations were also responsible for the launch of Climate Savers Computing back in 2007. Fast-forward to today and we’re the organization that has grown to nearly 700 corporate members who are leaders in driving sustainability through the use of power management and the development and adoption of more energy efficient computing technologies.

And as CSCI has grown to help organizations meet a variety of Green IT challenges, so has the role of the CFO when it comes to driving sustainability initiatives. A June report from Accenture and the U.N shows that sustainability has become a top priority for organizations around the world. This coincides with a recent report from Gartner that highlights the emerging role of the CFO and finance teams in helping to enhance corporate value through sustainability.

The engagement of the CFO in sustainability initiatives is being driven by issues that can range from shareholder interest, regulatory requirements and the need to better address risk management, to corporate image around social and environmental issues and the need to positively influence the bottom line. And influencing the bottom line is an area where the work and output of CSCI is delivering significant value.

CSCI estimates that together with our partners we have helped save more than $2 billion in annual energy costs by decreasing CO2 emissions from computing equipment by 32 million to 36 million metric tons. We’ve done this through the development and adoption of greener and more energy efficient ICT (information and communication technologies) and by driving the use of computer power management within businesses and organizations worldwide.

CSCI will hold a roundtable at the CFO Rising West Conference

Next month we’ll be holding a roundtable at CFO Rising West Conference in San Diego where the focus will be on addressing the top ten strategic challenges finance executives face today. We’ll discuss how the CFO and finance teams can leverage the work of CSCI to more easily meet a variety of sustainability objectives. And we’ll highlight real world case studies from our global membership to demonstrate how the work of CSCI is helping finance teams make IT decisions that help both the environment and the bottom line. 

So if you’re attending CFO Rising West next month (October 16 – 19th in San Diego), please plan on attending the CSCI roundtable where I hope to meet you in person. If you won’t be in San Diego for CFO Rising, but would like to spend some time discussing how the work of CSCI can advance your sustainability initiatives, send me an email at [email protected]. Together, we can more quickly advance a cleaner and more sustainable future.



George O. Goodman is Executive Director of Climate Savers Computing Initiative. Follow and interact with Goodman on Twitter @gogoodman


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