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Reducing Network Energy Consumption Focus of New Climate Savers Computing White Paper

Offers enterprises and the telecom sector guidelines and best practices for managing energy use across networks and connected devices
PORTLAND, Ore. — November 22, 2011 — Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI), the 700-member consortium focused on reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of information and communications technologies (ICT), today announced the release of the white paper Power Management for Networking Devices. The paper is the second of three CSCI white papers produced to help organizations design, specify and manage networks that are optimized for energy efficiency.
Developed by CSCI members from Broadcom Corporation, Cisco, Intel, Juniper Networks, NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), Microsoft and PowerOne, Power Management for Networking Devices is a resource for any organization looking to improve network energy efficiency. The paper identifies opportunities for improving power savings throughout networks, shows how organizations can save on energy costs by monitoring and improving the power and performance characteristics of networking devices, and offers guidelines system designers and IT teams can use to meet device power management requirements.
“The white papers have been developed by CSCI members who are industry leaders in driving sustainability to help every organization – from SMBs to global telecom operators – more easily realize the environmental and financial benefits of energy efficient networking,” said George O. Goodman, executive director, CSCI. 
Power Management for Networking Devices and Considerations for Selecting Power Supplies for Networking Equipment and Evaluating Power Conversion, the first paper in the three-part series, are available for download at Goodman reviews all three white papers in a brief video on the CSCI YouTube channel at
About Climate Savers Computing Initiative
CSCI is reducing the energy consumption of ICT by increasing the energy efficiency of computing equipment, increasing the adoption of power management, and providing education about the environmental and financial benefits of energy efficient computing. Since its launch in 2007 Climate Savers Computing has grown to nearly 700 members. More than 10,000 people have joined by pledging to use power management and purchase energy efficient computing products. CSCI is led by Cisco, Emerson Network Power, F5 Networks, Google, Intel, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, Samsung and World Wildlife Fund. Follow CSCI on
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