May 28, 2008: Climate Savers® Computing Initiative Cooperation with Green IT Promotion Council to be Expanded and StrengthenedClimate Savers Computing Initiative | Climate Savers Computing Initiative


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May 28, 2008: Climate Savers® Computing Initiative Cooperation with Green IT Promotion Council to be Expanded and Strengthened

Numerous Activities to be Undertaken in Japan to Promote Measures for Dealing with Climate Change

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative today entered into a strategic collaboration with the Green IT Promotion Council to facilitate cooperation on accelerating the adoption of measures for dealing with climate change in Japan. The Memorandum of Understanding promotes international cooperation on action against climate change and is expected to lead to widespread measures associated with green IT. The two organizations will cooperate in various different ways including exchanging information about their work on dealing with climate change, providing information to their members, and working together on international events.

Lorie Wigle, Climate Savers Computing president and general manager of Intel Corporation’s Eco-Technology Program Office, stated, “The Climate Savers Computing Initiative promotes lower IT power consumption and reduced emissions of greenhouse gases through the broad-based involvement of corporations and organizations from around the world. We are working toward reaching our target of a 50 percent reduction*1 in computer power consumption by 2010. We are very pleased to be expanding and strengthening our relationship with the Green IT Promotion Council, which has a central role in promoting green IT in Japan, and we are looking forward to future progress.”

Commenting on the agreement, Mr Tsutomu Handa, President of the Green IT Promotion Council, spoke as follows. “The Green IT Promotion Council is very welcoming of this progress on a cooperative relationship with the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. The Green IT Promotion Council is a partnership between business, government and academia to promote both energy conservation in IT equipment and systems and the use of IT for energy conservation elsewhere in society to help solve the problem of climate change. We anticipate that this cooperation with the Climate Savers Computing Initiative will allow us to contribute to further progress in green IT by sharing information in areas such as improvements to the energy efficiency of computer equipment and the reductions in power consumption that can be achieved by the use of this equipment.”

A signing ceremony to mark the agreement will be held at the “Green IT Promotion Council – International Symposium Reception” on May 28 2008.

Climate Savers Computing Initiative

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative is a non-profit organization established by environmentally aware consumers, corporations, and environmental protection organizations. The aim of the Initiative is to improve the energy efficiency of computers and to encourage the development, introduction and use of advanced technologies for reducing IT energy consumption. The Initiative is led by Dell, EDS, Google, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Pacific Gas & Electric and World Wildlife Fund. Sponsors include AMD, Delta Electronics, eBay, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Marvell Semiconductor, NEC, Sun and Supermicro. Visit / for more details.

*1 Based on IDC forecasts for shipments of desktop PCs and servers.
The average power consumption of desktop PCs and servers in the first half of 2007 is used as the baseline.

  1. Climate Savers® is a trademark or registered trademark of WWF-WORLD WIDE FUND FOR NATURE, the international conservation organization. Used under license.
  2. The company and product names of each company are generally trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
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