October 7, 2009: Climate Savers Computing and EPA ENERGY STAR to Host New Summit on Cost-Effective Program Models for Energy-Efficient ComputingClimate Savers Computing Initiative | Climate Savers Computing Initiative


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October 7, 2009: Climate Savers Computing and EPA ENERGY STAR to Host New Summit on Cost-Effective Program Models for Energy-Efficient Computing

Climate Savers Computing and EPA ENERGY STAR to Host New Summit on Cost-Effective Program Models for Energy-Efficient Computing
Live online free summit is second in a series of utility educational Webinars

(PORTLAND, Ore.)—Climate Savers Computing Initiative and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR® Program are leading a series of educational Webinars for utilities about the significant savings in both energy and cost that enterprises can achieve by investing in energy-efficient computing hardware and practices. The second how-to summit in the series, “The Utility Opportunities for IT Energy-Efficiency Programs,” will occur October 20 and will focus on best practices for upgrading to energy-efficient computer systems and how to responsibly retire inefficient, aging computer fleets and related technology.

The free summit -a live Web conference for utility and energy service professionals—will also address the benefits to utilities of implementing incentive programs that reward enterprise customers for purchasing energy-efficient computing hardware. Speakers will include representatives from the EPA, Climate Savers Computing, PG&E and others. Registration for the free summit is available at: /utility-energy-efficiency-program-summit2.

According to technology solutions provider CDW, their CDW-G 2009 Energy Efficient IT Report revealed that 63 percent of IT professionals with access to utility rebates or incentives believe the available incentives are applicable to the specific IT investments their organizations are planning, and 92 percent of those believe the utility rebates or incentives are a significant factor in their organization’s IT purchase decision. ENERGY STAR® qualifications and utility incentives together are helping move the market, encouraging organizations to employ more energy-efficient IT equipment.
“As enterprises take advantage of available incentives from their utilities to purchase energy-efficient hardware and adopt smart power management practices, they are significantly reducing their overall energy usage and providing a significant return for their business’ investment,” said Pat Tiernan, executive director of Climate Savers Computing, an international nonprofit committed to reducing IT-related energy consumption. “We want to share these best practices with all utilities so that similar programs can be developed and lead to even greater energy and cost savings.”

The Webinar aims to bring greater awareness about the benefits of recent technological advances in energy-efficient computing. “Each year, the computer industry makes design advances that cut energy use and boost computing power,” said Tiernan. “Enterprises regularly replace aging hardware, and when they do, we want them to be aware of these new options in energy-efficient computing hardware and to understand the significant cost savings that can be achieved.”

Through the free educational Webinars, Climate Savers Computing and the EPA are reaching out to energy-efficiency program sponsors, including utility energy-efficiency program managers and planners, program managers for state-run energy-efficiency programs, utility-funded energy-efficiency program managers, utility program marketers, energy service professionals and implementation support contractors.

The first of these utility-focused Webinars was hosted on July 21 and focused on the financial and environmental benefits of IT power management to utilities and their enterprise customers. The summit audio recording and white paper are available here: /news/audio/video/utility-energy-efficiency-program-summit-webinar
About Climate Savers Computing Initiative

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative is a nonprofit group of eco-conscious consumers, businesses and conservation organizations dedicated to reducing the energy consumption of computers. More than 500 companies and organizations have joined the Initiative since its launch in June 2007, and thousands of individuals have pledged their support. The Initiative is led by CSC, Dell, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft and World Wildlife Fund. Sponsors include 1E, Acer Inc., Faronics, Fujitsu Limited, Hitachi Ltd., Lenovo, NEC Corporation, Symantec and Verdiem Corporation.
For more information and to pledge your support, visit http://www.climatesaverscomputing.org.


Media contact: Stephanie Kruczek, EnviroMedia on behalf of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, 512-476-4368, ext. 441, [email protected]

Climate Savers® is a trademark or registered trademark of World Wildlife Fund Inc., an international conservation organization. Used under license.

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