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John Manville

Vice President, IT – Network and Data Center Services, Cisco
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John Manville is Vice President of the IT Network and Data Center Services team at Cisco. In this role, Manville leads the strategy and operations for the networks and data centers that provide technology infrastructure services for Cisco’s global workforce of more than 65,000 people. His focus is on addressing critical business requirements while maintaining a balance of operational excellence and innovation. Among other achievements, Manville successfully led the transformation of his group to a lifecycle-based model, which improved a variety of operational metrics, increased service availability, and improved user experience.

In keeping with the philosophy that “Cisco is its first and best customer,” Manville continues to showcase the real-world benefits of Cisco’s technology solutions throughout its own network and data centers. This practice has contributed to reducing Cisco’s carbon footprint through significant savings in power and increased asset utilization.

Manville also plays a key role in establishing Cisco IT as a trusted advisor to business partners, both internal and external to Cisco. He collaborates with external partners to integrate their technologies with Cisco’s and demonstrate the value both provide as one solution.

Manville joined Cisco in 2007. Prior to Cisco, he held a variety of positions in IT with several Wall Street financial companies. He began his career as a network engineer designing packet switching networks for cable and wireless customers in the UK.

Manville holds an electrical and electronic engineering degree from University College, London University, and an executive master’s degree in technology management from the University of Pennsylvania.

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“By 2010, about half of the Forbes Global 2000 companies will spend more on energy than on computing hardware such as PCs and servers.”5