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Lizzie Schueler

Director of Business and Industry, WWF

Secretary, Climate Savers Computing Initiative


Elizabeth Schueler (“Lizzie”) is Director of Business and Industry at the World Wildlife Fund-US where she oversees the Climate and Business program and supports engagement with companies across the organization on issues varying from forest carbon to market transformation. Prior to joining WWF, Lizzie worked for Microsoft Corporation for five years where she led two major CSR programs for the company: initially, their “Partners in Learning” program for the Middle East and Africa based in Istanbul, and then moved on to leading two Internet Safety programs worldwide focusing on government security and child safety, based in Redmond.

Lizzie also has worked for USAID’s Economic Growth Agriculture and Trade Bureau where she was involved in the early stages in the Global Development Alliance initiative, for the World Resources Institute’s Center for International Environment and Development, and for Waste Management International where she was involved primarily with helping shape EU Directives on landfill and hazardous waste incineration. Lizzie is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

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Did you know?

A complete melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet could raise global sea level by almost 20 feet within just a few hundred years.1 The Indian Ocean nation of Maldives has a maximum elevation of only 8 feet. You do the math.