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How We Work

CSCI Board of Directors

The Board of Directors works with the Executive Director to establish the vision and mission for the Initiative, provides strategic direction, and oversees the budget and key operational efforts of the Initiative.

Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for outlining and executing CSCI’s strategic initiatives including marketing and promotion strategy, leading efforts on membership recruitment, serving as a spokesperson for CSCI, fostering effective team work within the organization, serving as an advisor to the Board, and managing CSCI resources and work groups.

AC/DC Efficiency

The CSCI AC/DC Efficiency Work Group will identify and recommend PSU efficiency targets for desktop infrastructure, servers, and storage equipment; align recommendations with CSCI CO2 reduction targets; and facilitate industry and regulatory alignment (e.g. US EPA Energy Star, 80+, SNIA, etc.).


The objectives of the Marketing Work Group are to develop and implement marketing programs to promote the activities and results of the Client Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI); grow membership among target audiences, including equipment manufacturers, enterprises, consumers, and non-government organizations; boost the visibility of available and affordable SKUs that meet CSCI criteria; increase awareness and use of power management capabilities; and demonstrate measurable CSCI results.

The Japan Regional Committee is a sub-team of the Marketing Work Group.


The CSCI Networking Work Group will identify and recommend component, system and design criteria, specifications and supporting definitions and methodologies to significantly advance the energy efficiency of networking equipment thereby lessening costs, wastes and emissions; longer term, leverage the power of the network to impact connected devices; work with others to establish goals, set targets, develop supporting best practices and guidance to advance agenda.

Power Management

The CSCI Power Management Work Group will address the following power management priorities: identify inhibitors and recommend solutions to the deployment and use of power management; identify and resolve issues for S3 technology reliability including resume latency; and facilitate end-user education (e.g. improvements in technology), awareness and deployment through CSCI marketing work group.

CSCI Annual Meeting of the Members

Climate Savers Computing Initiative is proud to bring together its members once a year for a review of the past year’s activities and a look forward to future plans. Below is material from the most recent members meetings.

2011 Annual Members Meeting Presentation
2011 Annual Members Meeting Recorded Session
2010 Annual Members Meeting Presentation
2009 Annual Members Meeting Recorded Session

Organization Documents

Please visit the Organization Documents page to view the CSCI Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Membership Agreements and other important information.