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White Papers

The Power Management in Windows 7 Overview white paper from Microsoft outlines updates to power management in Windows 7.

The Climate Savers Computing white paper provides a program overview, detailed technical specifications and answers to frequently asked questions.

The CSCI Power Management System Design Guide addresses specific reliability challenges of sleep state standby (S3) technology and offers instructions on how to build energy-efficient, power-managed client platforms.

The Drive Toward Energy-Efficient Computing through AC DC Power Supply white paper focuses on the AC DC power supply as an item identified as an area where big, near-term improvements can be made in energy-efficient computing.

The Motherboard Power Efficiency Measurement Process white paper outlines how manufacturers can start measuring the efficiency of the computers they build.

The Building a Long-term Strategy for IT Sustainability white paper from Intel analyzes the business case for IT sustainability.


Did you know?

A complete melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet could raise global sea level by almost 20 feet within just a few hundred years.1 The Indian Ocean nation of Maldives has a maximum elevation of only 8 feet. You do the math.