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Computer and Server Manufacturers

Computing system and component manufacturers can participate in the Climate Savers Computing Initiative by committing to making products that meet or exceed the efficiency standards set each year by the Initiative. The efficiency standards listed apply to systems sold in the specified time periods.

Hardware and software providers can also provide practical power-management tools and advocate power-management best practices. Computer makers could require all vendors of preloaded software to conform to power-management guidelines.

Let’s get technical

System manufacturers will be responsible for measuring and reporting the efficiency of their own systems. We are investigating the development of a third-party certification program, possibly associated with utility company rebates, and we expect consumer organizations to verify manufacturer claims in their test reports. We may also, at our discretion, conduct tests on products that are listed or labeled as “qualifying” products to validate efficiency claims.

The protocol for measuring the efficiency of the power supply is described in the FAQs.

There’s something in it for you, too.

As a participant, not only will you help combat climate change, your company will also set an example for your community, as well as for businesses within your industry and beyond.


And equally as important, your participation will help drive the demand for energy-efficient computing devices by like-minded, eco-conscious consumers.


Join us and make a pledge to computer efficiency


Did you know?

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