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Energy Companies

To participate in the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, energy companies must commit to working with the relevant regulatory agencies to develop rebate programs for PC’s and servers that meet energy-saving standards.


We also ask that your company support the Initiative publicly, and that you make the same commitments for your own computer purchases (both PCs and servers), and for use of power-management tools, as is requested of other corporate participants.


There’s something in it for you, too.


As a participant, not only will you help combat climate change, your company will also set an example for your community, as well as for businesses within the energy industry, and beyond.


And equally as important, your participation will help drive the demand for energy-efficient computing devices by like-minded, eco-conscious consumers.


Join us and make a pledge to computer efficiency


Did you know?

“By 2010, about half of the Forbes Global 2000 companies will spend more on energy than on computing hardware such as PCs and servers.”5