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Environmental Organizations

Participation by your environmental group involves public support of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, along with outreach to businesses and individual members of your organization to educate them on the benefits of energy efficiency for computers and to encourage them to join the Initiative.


We also ask that your organization make the same commitments for its own computer purchases (both PCs and servers), and for use of power-management tools, as is requested of corporate participants.


There’s something in it for you, too.             


We believe in strength in numbers. That’s why we’re encouraging the involvement of other NGO’s (non-governmental organizations). Together we can get the message out about energy conservation and other environmental related issues.

We’ll also work with your organization to identify additional outreach opportunities related to the Initiative, to help educate both individual and corporate consumers about the advantages of energy-conscious computing.


Join us and make a pledge to computer efficiency


Did you know?

“By 2010, about half of the Forbes Global 2000 companies will spend more on energy than on computing hardware such as PCs and servers.”5