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Saving energy at work

Moving your organization to an environmentally friendly IT policy benefits both the environment and your bottom line. As energy costs continue to climb and environmental impact remains top of mind for many organizations, adopting energy efficient practices can save your organization money while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Becoming a Member

With today’s widespread focus on “green” issues, businesses are looking for real solutions that can lessen their environmental impact and reduce their energy costs. Improving the energy efficiency of computers is a cost-effective way to reduce electricity consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative is working to reduce computer power consumption by 50 percent by 2010. Members commit to purchasing energy-efficient PCs and servers for new IT purchases, and to broadly deploying power management. By publicly declaring your support for this important effort, your company can demonstrate its commitment to the “greening” of IT and join other industry-leading companies and organizations blazing new trails in corporate social responsibility and sustainable IT. It’s a winning proposition both for you and for the environment.

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Computer and Server Buyers
Computer and Server Manufacturers
Energy Companies
Environmental Organizations
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Did you know?

“Its been estimated the rate of species extinction is greater now than during the last 100,000 years –unless we take action on climate change now, we will see changes in our climate system that we won’t be able to fix.”4

Climate Savers Computing Initiative White Paper

The white paper provides a program overview, detailed technical specifications and answers to frequently asked questions.

pdf Download CSCI White Paper