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December 17, 2010


As we look back at Climate Savers Computing Initiative’s successes and undertakings this past year, I wanted to tell you how energized and eager I am about the opportunities that lie ahead of us in 2011. Since Climate Savers Computing Initiative launched back in 2007, the mission has been simple: to improve the energy efficiency of computing equipment, eliminate waste, promote the use of power management, and shift the user base to smart computing practices. To that end, it is a critical time for encouraging behavior change toward PC power management, not just in the ICT industry, but in individual users.

First, I think we can all agree that solid progress was made in 2010 as the organization set strong goals and achieved major milestones. There is much to celebrate. Some highlights include:

  • Our research /news/press-releases/july-27-2010, commissioned from Natural Logic, demonstrated that the IT sector has reduced annual CO2 emissions by 32 million metric tons since 2007. This is equivalent to taking nine coal-fired power plants offline, representing more than $2 billion in annual energy savings.
  • CSCI expanded into the networking arena /news/press-releases/november-8-2010. We welcomed new board members to help lead the charge into networking energy efficiency. We also established a new workgroup that showcases our commitment to developing best practices for networking technologies and ultimately improving the energy efficiency for everything from routers to the internet to mobile technologies.
  • Our organization welcomed 123 new members, /about/member-directory/, four new board members, and three new sponsors, representing a 22 percent increase in membership from last year.

Drafting off these successes, we look to 2011 with greater dedication and passion. It goes without saying how important our efforts are; as of 2007, ICT was responsible for 2 percent of global carbon emissions, and as global demand grows, so too will the number of devices and the amount of data required to keep those devices connected. If we don’t continue to provide leadership, this could potentially lead to exponential increases in energy and carbon emissions, to the tune of 6 percent annually. By 2020, the global ICT industry will be emitting almost twice as much as 2007 levels. That said, recent studies have estimated that the implementation of ICT can contribute to a 15 percent reduction in carbon emissions for all industries through energy and productivity efficiencies. We can make a difference.

Our focus will continue to be on building the Networking Workgroup out and working with key industry stakeholders to formalize networking energy efficiency criteria. Additionally, we have begun to formalize our plans for a consumer electronics workgroup to addressthe proliferation of and increasing demand for consumer devices and the resulting impact to the environment. And, finally, we will continue to attract and gain new members who are as committed to this important global movement as we all are.

I look forward to working with all of you and am grateful for your continued participation and support. The Climate Savers Computing Initiative is a success because of your engagement and enthusiasm, and by working together we can increase our growth, visibility, and impact. The next year represents a watershed moment in which CSCI can truly be the agents of change and leadership.

With that, I wish all of you happy holidays, and cheers to an exciting new year ahead.

George Goodman
Executive Director, CSCI

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