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Social Media Guidelines

March 16, 2011

Since 2008, Climate Savers Computing Initiative has been a proud supporter of WWF’s Earth Hour. This year, CSCI will promote Earth Hour and raise awareness about the environmental benefits of computer power management through the CSCI Earth Hour Twitter Giveaway, March 21-26, 2011.

To help us make the greatest impact possible, we want to invite all CSCI members to support the giveaway through their corporate social networks. The following guidelines are a resource for you and your organization to use when communicating with stakeholders, partner organizations, and your corporate networks about CSCI’s Earth Hour Twitter Giveaway. These guidelines are meant to make it easy for you and your organization to promote CSCI’s Earth Hour activities.

If you have additional questions, please contact [email protected] for assistance.


WWF’s Earth Hour is an annual, international climate change awareness campaign. Each year, individuals and businesses participate by turning off their lights for one hour to demonstrate their commitment to stopping climate change. Earth Hour 2011 is taking place on March 26 at 8:30 p.m. local time.

This year, CSCI will host a product giveaway on Twitter to encourage individuals to engage power management on their computers when they turn their lights off for Earth Hour. Products for the giveaway were provided by CSCI members, including a Google Android Nexus S phone, a Microsoft Hohm Blue Line Innovations PowerCost MonitorTM, and a Sony VAIO® Eco Series laptop.

 Social Media Tips

CSCI encourages members to promote the giveaway on corporate Twitter and Facebook profiles.


First, please ensure that your corporate Twitter handles are following @CSCI_Tweets. On Twitter, your company can promote the giveaway by retweeting relevant @CSCI_Tweets posts from March 21 through March 26 and posting the suggested content below.

  • Suggested Tweets:
    • You can win energy efficient electronics this #EarthHour. Follow @CSCI_Tweets to find out how. #CSCIEarthHour
    • RT/Follow @CSCI_Tweets & pledge to power down your computer for #EarthHour #CSCIEarthHour
    • Using power management tools on your comp can save about $60/yr on energy & help slow global warming #CSCIEarthHour.
    • To reduce carbon footprint: use a laptop instead of a desktop; laptops consume less power #CSCIEarthHour.
  • Hashtags – Please tag all posts related to the giveaway with one or more of the suggested hashtags below.
    • Official announcement hashtag: #CSCIEarthHour
    • Other suggested hashtags: #greenIT, #EarthHour


Member companies are encouraged to post links to the Climate Savers Computing Initiative’s homepage and individual pledge page on corporate Facebook pages. Members are also encouraged to “share” relevant CSCI Facebook posts on corporate Facebook pages.

 Information for Your Systems

The following information can be integrated into your company’s website, intranet, newsletter, blog, or other internal and external facing communications about CSCI’s Earth Hour Twitter Giveaway.

Headline: [Insert company name] proudly supports the efforts of Climate Savers Computing Initiative this Earth Hour

On March 26, at 8:30 pm local time, people around the world will turn off their lights to support Earth Hour, an annual, global climate change awareness event founded by WWF. Climate Savers Computing Initiative – a global consortium dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of end-to-end computing, of which [insert company name] is a member – will celebrate Earth Hour by challenging supporters to power down their computers when they turn out the lights.

While the impact of IT on global carbon emissions is not news to us here at [insert company name], consumers have a huge gap in awareness when it comes to the importance of engaging power management on their personal PCs and laptops. With CSCI’s Earth Day Twitter Giveaway, the organization will drive awareness by challenging Twitter users to take the power management pledge for a chance to win products donated by CSCI members Google, Microsoft, and Sony.

The CSCI Earth Hour Twitter Giveaway will take place on Twitter from March 21 through March 26, 2011. [Insert company name] will support CSCI’s efforts to increase awareness of computer power management by promoting the giveaway on our corporate Twitter and Facebook profiles. We encourage you to do the same by taking the power management pledge and following CSCI on Twitter (@CSCI_Tweets) and Facebook.

 Eligibility Requirements

CSCI member representatives who participate in CSCI’s workgroups and/or board of directors, and employees of EnviroMedia Social Marketing and VTM, Inc. are not eligible to participate in the giveaway. In addition, employees at Google, Microsoft, and Sony are not eligible to win prizes donated by their respective companies, but may win prizes donated by the companies they do not work for.

Happy Earth Hour!