Climate Savers Computing – Thomas Bolioli

Thomas Bolioli

Consultant, Terra Novum, LLC specializing in Environmental Information Technology

Thomas Bolioli is a consultant for Terra Novum, LLC specializing in Environmental Information Technology. For the last 8 years Mr. Bolioli has served as a technical advisor to the EPA ENERGY STAR program on the energy efficiency of IT &; electronics. Prior to that Mr. Bolioli has held positions managing small & large business networks, web development and programming, of which he is proficient in a wide array of programming languages. While a graduate student at Brown University, Mr. Bolioli designed and prototyped a unified directory and provisioning system that tied together mainframes and various independent services to create a single signon and unified provisioning solution. Mr. Bolioli is also currently the Convenor of Ecma TC32-TG21 developing a standard which defines the mechanisms needed to ensure computers remain seen on IP networks without the need for those systems to be in a higher power state.

In support of the EPA, Mr. Bolioli has worked with everyone from Fortune 500 clients to small businesses to promote the use of monitor and computer power management in the enterprise. He is also the author of the ‘GPO Tool for Power Management”. Mr. Bolioli has helped develop the Tier 2 Computer Specification (having assisted on Workstations in Tier 1) as well as specifications for Digital Television Adapters and Advanced Set Top Boxes and more recently A/V products.

A recording of this event will be posted by the end of the week (April 3).