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Video Case Study

Watch a video case study about deploying computer power management.

National Instruments (NI), a Texas-based hardware and software developer, worked with Climate Savers Computing through the Power Management Incentive Program to implement a pilot project to reduce energy consumption by computers. NightWatchman, PC power management software from 1E, empowered National Instruments to achieve a projected 33 percent energy savings with laptops, and 50 percent energy savings with desktops, which subsequently reduced operational expenses. For an overview about how National Instruments implemented power management, please see the following video case study featuring Alan Russi, director of IT Infrastructure at NI and Heidi Baschnagel, director of marketing and communications at NI.
The Power Management Incentive Program (PMIP) is a project to promote IT power management among enterprises worldwide and is offered through the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. PMIP provides participants with a free pilot to demonstrate the ease of deployment of power management in enterprise networks and to quantify the energy savings. The intent is to use the pilot data to justify broad deployment. Climate Savers Computing is currently working with several other companies on this program.